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Leather Chairs of Bath

November: Apologies for the missing links on our website, currently. We are about to launch a new site and have a few glitches to sort out over the next few days !


Leather Chairs of Bath

600 Kings Road, London, SW6 2DX

Telephone: 020 7731 1198


Regular Opening Hours:

10am - 5pm  Monday - Saturday 

Closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays

Call 01225 447920 or Email us to check availability

What Makes Our Chairs Special ....

What Makes Our Chairs Special ....

Leather is tactile and stylish, flexible and tough. It has a distinctive smell and it acquires character over time.

Leather Chairs of Bath is a family owned business that has been making hand-dyed leather chairs and sofas for more than 25 years.

Our walnut derived stain gives the chairs a rich patina which enhances the grain, blemishes and scars found naturally in the leather. Every deep-coil spring is hand-sewn into a solid beechwood frame, and every upholstery nail is painstakingly hammered in by hand.

The distinctive hallmarks of the natural leather product - the scars, stretchmarks, grain and texture variation (even the tell-tale signs of barbed wire !) - are not for everyone, so please be sure to come and see what we do, or call for friendly advice.