Howard Chairs and Sofas

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Howard and Sons are regarded as being the best of Victorian upholsterers, furniture makers and decorators. Their innovative upholstery techniques, notably the 'duvet' method of using a feather bag over deep coil springs to increase the comfort of the backs of their low, deep armchairs and sofas, enhanced their reputation to such an extent that Howard furniture was commissioned by the most exacting clients. In fact, Howard and Sons were awarded a Royal Warrant in the early part of the 20th Century, having spent the previous 50 years and more, improving their chair making abilities, and registering patents for modern upholstery procedures.

This Howard history of upholstery excellence provides the inspiration for our Lansdown chair and sofa. We use the same feather-over-springs technique to create the sumptuous feel to this classic design.


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Furniture with character

Every one of our chairs is individually hand-crafted using traditional techniques and craftsmanship.

Our walnut stain gives our chairs a rich patina, which enhances the grain, blemishes and scars naturally found in real leather. Every spring is hand-sewn into a solid Beechwood frame, and every nail is painstakingly hammered in by hand.

Not everyone can appreciate the distinctive finish of genuine leather, but if you have the taste for a unique piece that will be treasured for generations, we will be delighted to help you.