LCB Vintage

This section will contain Leather Chairs of Bath 'old friends'. Sofas and chairs, made by us, that have been bought back from the original customer. 

A cracking 4-year old LCB Georgian Wing Chair with Claw & Ball legs and a lovely Gold/Amber glow ! £1495

Vintage Gold Wing.jpg


Not so much 'LCB Vintage' but 'George Smith' Vintage instead ! A 'Georgian Desk Chair', approximately 8 years old, and upholstered in hand-dyed leather with lots of character. 90cms high x 75cms deep x 75 cms wide. £1195.

GS Geo Desk.jpg

Made for a photo shoot at the end of 2013, this is one of our Lansdown Chairs upholstered in a Muirhead (slightly) metallic silver leather. Finished with chrome castors and nailing, a modern touch has been added to this design classic. £1495.


A 'one-off' copy of a French 'moustache' chair. Larger than the original at 105cms wide x 90cms deep x 85cms high. £1495.









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As seen in the Hotel du vin...

Furniture with character

Every one of our chairs is individually hand-crafted using traditional techniques and craftsmanship.

Our walnut stain gives our chairs a rich patina, which enhances the grain, blemishes and scars naturally found in real leather. Every spring is hand-sewn into a solid Beechwood frame, and every nail is painstakingly hammered in by hand.

Not everyone can appreciate the distinctive finish of genuine leather, but if you have the taste for a unique piece that will be treasured for generations, we will be delighted to help you.