Leather Chairs of Bath, Families & Dogs !

Our leather chairs and sofas require a little 'breaking in' period after delivery. Typically, within a few days your new piece of furniture will begin to soften and lose it's shine, and then it will continue to acquire character over the next few weeks. Children will often enjoy helping with this requirement and, as the picture shows, dogs may feel the the new chair has been bought especially for them. Sometimes, it's hard to disagree....

..ivy chair.jpg

Comfortable ? What do you think .........? Thank you Mrs MM for starting a new theme on the LCB website - my chair, my dog !


This little fella was 'borrowed' from a private London dog's home for a dog/furniture photo shoot in Homes & Gardens a few year ago. All of the dog 'models' were re-homed as a result of the article !



The scene in a customer's house very soon after a delivery in late 2013 .....Picture 13.jpeg

One of Amsterdam Chairs exported to Australia a few years ago. Now adorned with owner's dog and favourite 'roo' fur skin !

Aus Dog.jpg

14_C_18_Leather_Chairs_of_Bath_ 0171.jpg

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As seen in the Hotel du vin...

Furniture with character

Every one of our chairs is individually hand-crafted using traditional techniques and craftsmanship.

Our walnut stain gives our chairs a rich patina, which enhances the grain, blemishes and scars naturally found in real leather. Every spring is hand-sewn into a solid Beechwood frame, and every nail is painstakingly hammered in by hand.

Not everyone can appreciate the distinctive finish of genuine leather, but if you have the taste for a unique piece that will be treasured for generations, we will be delighted to help you.